Mud City • Chapter 7&8


I think Shauzia is most worried about taking a shower infront of all of the boys because Shauzia is a girl. I kinda felt afraid for her, at this point I think if I was in her situation I’d be crying. I think Shauzia thought this because sometimes when she’s angry she could get her way, and if she’s afraid, she might not be able to get anything and/or talk to anyone.



I have felt like this, I remember getting frustrated a lot in the morning. I think this is affective because it describes the way she feels so well. In this chapter we met Tom, Barbara, Jake, and Paul. They are a family from America, they live in a big house, they actually have good food and shelter and Shauzia doesn’t have anything like that. I think this made her feel kinda upset because so far her ‘adventure’ has been terrible so far.

Mud City • Chapter 5&6


I found the garbage digging part was pretty disgusting. I don’t know how she could dig threw the garbage looking for food. I found the part with the hotel more visible in my imagination. I like how Shauzia kinda stays herself and stays away from bad things. I think the children are fully capable of keeping themselves safe, and children my age should worry about being safe and healthy.



Shauzia has changed her attitude a bit bye actually asking people for money. I think Shauzia changed so she can actually get around and get money. I think the people in this book are giving food to the dog and not Shauzia because Shauzia actually gets some money and only get a little. When she gets money, she’ll bye nan and meant, and that’s once and a while. I also think they know that the dog is unhealthy.  Shauzia got arrested by the police at the end of the chapter. In the next chapter I think she will end up escaping.

Mud City • Chapter 3&4


Shauzia saw a bunch of other boys running around with tea, as in a tea boys. Shauzia gets to clean a butchers shop. I think I could deliver tea, but maybe not a butchers shop. Shauzia and Jasper slept I a cement shelf in an ally way.



Shauzia is a tea boy, works at a grocery store, and cleans the butchers shop. Shauzia bought bread and with the rest of it she bought herself some new sandals. I think Shauzia would go crazy if she didn’t have Jasper. I mean she probably needs company. Shauzia has the chance to get robbed, and hurt. I would feel lonley and upset because I wouldn’t have any of my friends or family. I wouldn’t cope very well, I think I would go crazy.

The End Of Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 20 & 21


In this chapter, a bunch of food carts fell from the sky and Leila tried to go and get food but a land mine injured her. The thing that is convenient is Parvana found her mother. Parvana reunited with her mother at the very end of the chapter. I honestly knew something like this would happen because it’s bound to happen. I think someone is going to get hurt again. Most of the women stay inside the camp because if someone sees the women without their face covered, they might die. Parvana was told to cover up because she is a women.



The ending was similar to the beginning because Parvana’s father died and Leila died at the end. There are a lot of children in the camp, and they need to be educated and the women need to be important, because we are. Parvana and Asif occasionally get along but they still argue. I hope they find a safe place to see.

Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 18 & 19


I think the words describe the constant bombing and tragic things going on

  • Horrible
  • Depressing
  • Dangerous
  • Riskey
  • Deadly
  • Tragic
  • Dehydration
  • Starvation

The children arrived at a camp where they help people. I honestly think they will be happy there. I would be happy there, free food, water, a blanket. That place would be my Narnia. When Parvana says “the part of me that’s me is gone”, I think that means, she’s changing her personality. Asif cheers her up by calling her an idiot in a joking way because I know that he loves her. What I mean by that is she’s been around Asif and he can be controlling and Leila is still sweet so I think she is kinda acting like them a bit.



Parvana was excited to talk to the nurse because she is actually from France. I thought the children would run to the camp, but they had an unhealthy baby so they wouldn’t.

Thes and the pros and cons of the camp.

  • Pro: food
  • Pro: water
  • Pro: shelter/blanket
  • Con: people
  • Con: land mines

Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 16 & 17


Parvana says her dreams and hopes turn into garbage and their basically pointless. Just because she’s going threw Thai right now, doesn’t mean she should stop dreaming. I would tell her to stop being silly and she needs to understand that she is going threw a hard time but she needs to dream. The children eat the book because they have no food. I understand that they need something to eat, but I feel like it’s kinda weird because it’s a book. I think their relationship are like brother and sister because sometimes they’ll see eye to eye. I can’t really tell, I think it depends on my group. I would do terrible, I would complain because I have no food, or water. I think Parvana is feeling stressed and annoyed.



I think the author is making these facts because they are really younge and have no clue what’s going on in the world. Asif’s uncle locked Asif in a shed because he took berries. The author makes the point when the farmer and his family came and explained it to the children.

Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 14 & 15


Deborah Ellis described Green Valley as golden days because she wanted to show it was a “happy” place. All the characters are eating better and in a clean environment and I think that is what’s making them stronger. Deborah Ellis is making this chapter more light because it was more happy.




The author was showing something bad was going to happen because she was writing a lot of things about bombs, and it’s been a while since something bad happened. So, she made it really sad, saying Grandmother was gone is really sad because I feel like she was my spirit animal. This has a huge affect on the reader, the reader would have probably thought that the mud hut they were staying at would be there forever.

Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 12 & 13


Leila got all of her “treasures” from a peddler who got blown up from a land mine. Leila thinks that putting crums from her food in the dirt is keeping her from getter hurt and getting blown up from land mines. Asif called Parvana and Leila dreamers because they want all these things to happen but they might not come true. Honestly I agree with him but I don’t. Everyone has a dream, but sometimes they don’t become a reality. In their situation, I really have no clue what to say.



Their relationship affects Parvana because, I think she is so used to be insulted by Asif, and he’s getting along with Liela more. The children are actually getting things done on the yard. Maybe the flowers remind the children of their family.

Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 10 & 11


Parvana didn’t boil the water and that is what caused all the children to get sick. The thing that caused her to say that is she forgot to boil water, and her father told her that over and over. I think she was frustrated about not remembering the water. Parvana and Asif were have a contest and Parvana threw a rock that hit a land mine. I think Asif reacted the way her did because Parvana, Hassan, and Asif could have died.



Leila is a little girl who is a little bit crazy. She lives in a mud hut with her grandmother. I think Leila has always stayed positive and happy. Maybe she is always happy because her family is a positive family.


I’m always wondering why Asif hates Parvana so much.

Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 8 & 9


I think Parvana feels this way because she’s getting older and she has been out for so long, and to me is magic and stuff like that happens, it would have happened by now. I would tell Parvana that I think she can believe in what she wants to. Well first of all, the adults failed the children because they wouldn’t let all of them work, and they only gave the children a small portion of rice.



I think Parvana and Asif are getting along more. In the end of this chapter, Asif and Parvana were cuddled up in a blanket and singing songs together. I feel like I could relate a little bit to this chapter, Parvana said she was having trouble sleeping because of a rock, I was once struggling to sleep because there was springs in my mattress.

In the next chapter I think they are going to find a new village.