Out Of My Mind- Melody

Three character traits that describe Melody are smart, fearless, and care full. I think Melody is smart because she made it on the Wiz Kids competition. She studied every day with Mis. V and she remembered all the things she studied and her school got first place. I think she is fearless because she when to the competition and she was nervous at first because she was on t.v but she got through it. I think she is care full because she tried to save her pet gold fish, but she couldn’t. Melody also tried to worn her mom about Penny being behind her mom’s car, that is why she cares for things.

Field trip to On Stage and Library!!

My class and I went to the On Stage Dance Studio and the Public Library on November 19th. The bus brought us to the studio and we met a dance teacher Miss. Shana. She thought us lots of hip hop dance moves. We danced so much, my legs hurt so much. After we got done dancing, we all had a little snack brake. Then we walked to the library.

When we got to the library, we got a tour around the library. We got Public Library cards if we ordered one. There is two floors that we could go on to get books. The limit of books are three, I just got two. I had a great time! Did you?

What are the reasons that made war start?

Causes of the Civil war- The north and south arias of the U.S.A  went  along different lines. The south remained a predominantly agrarian economy while the north became more and more industrialized. Different social cultures and political  developed. All this trouble  led to disagreements on issues such as taxes, tariffs and internal improvements as well as states rights versus federal rights and laws.

Causes of WWI- The European powers in the four decades heading  up to war. Additional causes were militarism, a complex web of alliances, imperialism, and nationalism. The great powers ( Italy, France, Germany, Britain, Austria-Hungary, and Russia )


Causes of WWII- The rise of Italian Fascism, Japanese Militarism. Invasion on  China. The trouble all began in Germany.

Do you want peace in the world? do you want war? are you sick of war?           

Sky Wheel

Sky Wheel

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   When me and my family went to Niagara Falls, my mom, dad, and sister wanted to go on the Sky wheel, of course I was the one who was afraid to go on the wheel, it is 175-178 feet tall!

 I didn’t want to make them upset so I tried to stop crying because I was afraid to go on but I got my head together.

 I stepped on the cart and sat down. I got a funny sick feeling in my stomach when I got on . I was still afraid until I got to the very top,  I was amazed.

I took  a couple of pictures of everything at the bottom of all the tiny things under us.

I felt strong and brave after  doing something I was afraid of doing. My mom and dad was so proud of me for doing that too. I felt proud to because I faced one of my fears!

After going on the SkyWheel my sister and I wanted to keep on going on it. Lets just say my mom and dad said,  they created a monster, only because they took us on, and we loved it!



There are so meany memories for this past month!

After Thanks Giving, we got a new student in our class, and she is really nice, she is also a really great friend.
The class finally finished our elements of art picture. I think I could do a lot better on my art. Right now we have all the art hanging in our class room on the walls.

In music, we all did a test peace, we had the choice to play it on Monday, if not then we had to play it on the original test day. I played it on Monday. We all weekend so much on our test. For me it was not that hard. There was only 5 notes to play, the test was called “The fab five “.

A couple days after the test it was the Halloween dance!! I went with my mom ant I meet my friend there, she was waiting out side of the school. I had I blast at the dance.

How was your October?