Scary Tree


This is my Halloween art. The class got told to post our favourite art on our blog. So, I wanted to post this one. I really like how the black and white match together perfectly. But I do think I could of put an animal like an owl in the art.

What do you like about it?



This is the code I just finished. We are all doing the hour of code. You could code to, just go to .

I really enjoyed doing the hour of coding. It was lots of fun. It was difficult on some levels. This level, I had to drag blocks to say what it had to draw.

I really like it, I do want to learn more about coding. I learned I hade to be specific on what you need to do. Like I had to “move forward 200 hundred pixels” and stuff like turn left.

Australia Immigrants

Australia immigrated to Canada for lots of reasons.

All these times are when Australia immigrated to Canada. They came around the year of 1886, 1939, 1947, 1907, and the 1990’s. 

Why the came to Canada for these reasons.They came for family class and family reunification. They came to get away from Political issues, they also came because of Escaping conflict, andNatural Disaster. 

Family class and/or reunification. So if someone had family in Canada, and they lived in Australia, they could move to Canada to be with there family.Political issues. So if there was a really bad war in Australia and someone there he of she’s family, and other Australians could move to Canada where it’s safe.Escaping conflict. So if someone lived in Australia didn’t like it and they wanted to escape to Canada.Natural disaster. So if there was a tornado of something that killed half the population of Australia, and someone who lived there, they would want to move to a more safe place like Canada.

Those are some reasons why Australia immigrated to Canada. Australia immigrants on a ship.


This November, we had an amazing time doing all the things we did.

The class started doing a Christmas song in music to play at the Flakes concert. All the Clarinets get a solo with the Alto Saxophones, Flutes, and Trumpets. We all have different notes to play at the same time. The song that we all will be playing at the Flakes concert is St. Nick salsa.

We finished a book in the class called Out Of My Mind. Its about a girl named Melody who cant talk, move, or walk. In the middle of the book, Melody get a thing that could help her talk. Melody named it Elvira. All she needs to to is type things and ” Elvira ” will say them. Closer to the end of the book, Melody made it in a group to go to the Wiz Kids competition. But when they were going to Washington, Melody got left behind.

We did lots of cool things in November for D.P.A. For a worm up, we would do something called ” line run ” where we line up on a wall in the gym, we have red lines, green lines, black lines, and yellow lines. We used the green lines. When our teacher said go, we touched the first green line and touched the wall. We had to run back to the wall and touch it after every line. When we got done touching all the green lines, we had to do a stretch of our choice. One of the games we would plat is Button Football, your teacher or parent would divide you in groups, on the other side of where the other team is and some one would hold the button and you need to try to get to the other side. Of course everyone will try to get to the other side to try and trick the other team but when the button gets found, the team gets a point. We would also play Capture The Flag. You would divide teams and put hoops on to sides of the gym, ball diamond, or yard with about six bean bags in each. ( Make sure you have one colour for one team and another colour for the other team ). Then you need to try to get to the other side and grab a bean bag and run back to put it in your teams hoop. If you get caught by the other team, you need to skip back with one of your team mates. We also played Snow Soccer. You just play soccer in the snow. but you can put one two three soccer balls in the game.

I hope December will be a great month to!