Resolutions For 2015

This year i’m going to set some things i’m going to try and do.

The first thing i’m going to do this year is clean my room more often. My mom hates it when there is stuff on my floor, so ill be nice to her and i will clean my room once a week to make her happy. The next resolution i’m going to make is focus more on math in school. Math is my favourite subject but sometimes i doze out and i forget a lot of  things in school when i go to the next grade.

Im going to do these things because my mom would like it when my room is clean. And i really like when my mom is happy. And i want to focus on math because i think i do bad on all my math tests. And i would like to have a good job when i’m older and i need to finish school for that, so i need to fous more in math.

What are your resolutions?