Three character traits I think you would need to live on the international space station

The three character traits I think you would need to live on the international space station are strong, brave, and responsible. I think you would need to be strong because there are different exercising equipment compared to the equipment we have on Earth. It might be hard to use them so you might need to be strong to use them. I think you would need to be brave because you would go on space walks and flouting in outer space. I think you would need to be responsible because there are lots of things there like exercising equipment that you would share with others. You would need to be responsible with the things around you.

Colour Staind Fireworks!

image  This is one of my favourite pieces of art. I think I did really well on overlaping the fireworks. And I really like the combination of the colours. I think I need to work on making the fireworks biger.

Day And Night

imageEarth’s position is tilted. Earth has an axis going down the side of it. So Earth rotates around the axis and that creates day and night. The axis stays in the position ( down the side ). When Earth is facing the Sun, it shines down on us. And that is day time. But, when the side if Earth we are on is not on the side with the sun, it’s dark and of course, that is night time. If Earth stops rotating, it becomes stationary. Which means its stuck.



This is Venus

Venus is the second Planet away from the sun. The distance from the sun and Venus is 108,200,000 km away.

Venus is almost the same size as Earth. The size of Venus is 6,052 km. That’s really big.

The temperature in the atmosphere for Venus is 800* to 900* F .

Venus has not been explored. Venus is to hot for living things. That’s why Venus has not been explored.

Did you know…. The surface of Venus is made up of layers upon layers of volcanic rock?


January was another great month at school!

We did firework art to celebrate New Year’s Eave . The art was simple, but i didn’t like mine at first. We had to use oil pastels. The two first colours i used was red and white, I was trying to make it so when so someone looks at it, it will remind them of Canada. All the other fireworks I did, I just used random colours. I tried to not use the same to colours together twice but, I used the same colours three times. Those colours were a bright dim brown like gold and a really light pink.

We also started reading groups. The reading groups are people in our class in groups and they do a different activity each day that involves picture books. One of the things are you need to read a book silently to your self the discuss with a partner about the book on explain everything then make a video on explain everything then post it on our blogs. ( I have one on my blog ). I really enjoy the reading groups.

We also started making a story. We all are writing a story on our google docs account. My story is called waiter. It takes place in New York. The main idea is to not give up! When I was describing the setting, I think i did a really good job. Im really excited to see how my story turns out.

Thats why I think January was a great month at school. Did you think January was a great month?