Iqbal-Chapter 8


Beginning of book Chapter 7-8
Scared, weak, pitufull Brave, weak

The proof is in the beginning of the book,

all the children were to scared to stand up

for then self. Because the master would

yell at them or chain them to there loom

if they did somthing wrong. So, they listenedto the master.


The proof is when Maria made a carpet,it had a kite with clouds on it.

The master didn’tlike it so he sent her to the tomb.

But, Salman, Mohammed, and Ali steped up and told the

master to send them to the tomb with Maria.

but they still are really weak.

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Iqbal-Chapter 7

What I think is going to happen next is Iqbal is going to come back to the carpet factory with food. I think this because Twig wanted to go attack the trucks in the city for food. At the end of the chapter, Iqbal was climbing over fences and vegetable gardens. So maybe he was going to garden to garden getting fresh vagetables for the others at the factory. And when Iqbal comes back, every one will be suprised. So, Iqbal is going to come back with fresh food with out the master knowing in the next chapter.

Iqbal Chapter 5

I think Iqbal ripped the carpet because maybe he wanted to show the master that it’s not right using kids to pay off there family’s debts. I think this because Iqbal told them the debt would never end and wanted the master to understand it’s not right using kids and not every carpet can be perfect. Iqbal wanted to leave so he ripped the carpet. Maybe he thought he could escape the tomb.

Iqbal-Chapter 3

I don’t know if Iqbal’s father made the right choice. I think this because either way, his mother and father are going to lose a child because Iqbal’s brother is really sick. And his son Iqbal was being sent to the carpet factory. And Iqbal is going there for a good cause, to try and help his brother. But he cant leave unless he escape. So it didn’t really matter what choice Iqbal’s father made.

Iqbal Prediction #2

What I think is going to happen is Iqbal is somehow going to pick lock the chain and try to escape the carpet factory. But then the master is going to see him and chain him back to his loom. I also think when all the other children in the carpet factory get food, Iqbal wont get any. I think this because in chapter 2 he was moving faster then all the other children. So, he might want to get out of the carpet factory as soon as he can.

Iqbal-Chapter 2

I think Iqbal was chained to his loom because he might of mouthed off at the master. I think this because in the chapter, the master called Iqbal a know it all because he kept saying ‘I know’ to him. I also think this because Iqbal is kinda stubborn, so he might of mouthed off to the master.

Iqbal-Chapter 1

Working conditions in the carpet factory

-Pay off debts

-Chained to there looms

-Working for three years

-Work began at sun rise

-Heat,dust, and flying lint

-Dry throats full of lint

-Barley anyone has the energy to walk


I think the book Iqbal is about child labor. I think its about child labor because our teacher put us in groups, and one of the had to read with her. And the book was two pages about child labor. I also think its about child labor because our teacher told us we were going to read a book about child labor. She also told us the Iqbal worked in a carpet factory. Some kids in child labor work in factories.

March At School

March was a fantastic month.

In art, we did an art tessellation. The famous artist who did the tessellations is MC Esher. We had to get a little piece of paper and draw something on one side. Then you cut it out and slide it to the top of the paper and tape it. Then you get a larger piece of paper and trace it on the paper. After your done tracing, out line it in black, then finally colour. People thin my art reminds them of fire. To me, it doesn’t. The colours I chose were teal and a really light blue. We are putting it on black paper when we are done. The art was really fun.

We presented dance to the class. We all got in groups and we had to make a dance using high, medium, and low. Our teacher gave us each a card to come up with a dance move for high, medium, and low. The people in my group were Kati and Emily. My card said flex, Kati’s card said stretch, and Emily’s said flop. I did not like dancing in front of the class.

In music we are practicing a song for a Kiwanis festival. The song is called ” Magma,” I don’t really know who written it. I play clarinet, so its not that hard. I only find the middle in the song hard. I play a bass clarinet part with another clarinet, a tenner sax, and trombones. That part is at measure 12. There’s one note on measure 16.

As you can see March was a fantastic month.