Iqbal-Chapter 11

imageI think the kite symbolizes freedom. I think this because when a kite brakes off the string, it floats away. Its like its free! And Iqbal, Fetima, and Maria flew the kite when they are free. A kite flys away, and the children are no longer at the factory, so the children are free and a kite can be free when it brakes off the string. That is why I think it is freedom!


April was an amazing month at school!

Me and more people went to North Western high school for Loud and Proud. Its a bunch of school interments, we all play the same songs. But our music teacher chooses a song for us to preform. The song we preformed was “Beethoven’s Ninth,” Then all the schools got together and we played a song called “Magma,” It wasn’t that hard because my class played it for Kiwanis. The next song we played was called “Twist and Shout,” Its by the Beatles. That song was a little harder, I play a clarinet so I only used the notes E, G, A, B, and F. The last song we played was “Sweet Caroline,” That song for me, was really hard. That song was  song to close the concert. It all ended around 8:00 pm.

We played scooter games in the gym! The first one we played was where there was a group of people on scooters and a group of people not on scooters. Someone kicks a ball to the people off scooters and they need to make a line. Someone from that group throws the ball back and forth to one person and it goes down a line. The scooters need to make it to one side of the gym and back before the other people are done going down a line with a ball. Then we would switch.  The next game we played was a game with a group with scooter and a group off scooters. We need to catch a ball and pass it to someone standing a little far from a bucket. then they would toss it in the bucket. (Or at least try).

We went tree planting! We walked there, I don’t really know where it is. It was really worm that day.  The steps are, dig a hole, get little wood chips and a tree, put the tree in the hole, cover it with dirt, then dump the wood chips on the tree and form a ‘doughnut’. Me and my partner planted four trees. The people there wanted to plant 110 trees, and we did end up planting 110 trees. It was really fun! The only thing that bothered me was the heat.

As you can see April was a fun month.