Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 1

Today we listened to the first chapter of Parvana’s Journey. 

The thing that surprised me at the beginning of the story is that she was at a little funeral for her father. I feel happy that there is a continuation of Parvana’s story. In the last book, they kinda left is hanging and didn’t say anything else and I hate when that happens. I think it will be difficult for her to continue posing as a boy because she’s getting older and she’s starting to grow. I think the author chose for her father dying so the reader(s) know that time went by.

This book is starting to remind me of the book Iqbal. The father in Iqbal doesn’t die but Iqbal does. Iqbal has to do with child labor, and I don’t know why it reminds me of Iqbal.

Blog Of The Day • Monday, May 30th 2016

I actually do think the new laws are going to make people want to keep it a secret. People are forcing their children to get married to a random person, and they obviously want their children to get married. In the video people kept saying they were abused if they said they didn’t want to get married, and the people who are continuing this problem obviously think it’s okay. I definitely think there are poeple out there who will continue forcing marriage on people. People celibate special holidays, instead of doing it the ‘traditional’ way. I like how different cultures celebrate different ways, and if people interfere, I find that wrong. But when people are forcing marriage, and we interfere in that, I honestly hope they would because I think it’s 100% wrong to force marriage.  

The Breadwinner • Chapter 15

Today we listened to the last chapter of the novel The Breadwinner

Parvana and Shauzia are working forward to different things. Parvana is working to go see her family. Shauzia is working to get out of Afghanistan. I don’t know much about refugee camps, but I do know it’s a place for refugees to stay. I don’t really know what I think the camps are like. Parvana planted some flowers where she’d put her blanket when she was working, then she simply waved. I think their interaction was very interesting. I find it cool how someone would throw little gifts down to someone else from a window. The author made her really positive most of the time, but sometimes she can get a little paranoid. Parvana and Shauzia plane to meet each other at the Eiffel Tower in twenty years. I do not think this will actually happen. I don’t think this will happen because they might not remember each other, someone might forget. It this actually does happen, I would be suprised.

In the next book, I think they will find Parvana’s family. Someone might be injured, but I’m guessing no one will be hurt. What do you think is going to happen in the next book?

The Breadwinner • Chapter 13 & 14

Today we listened to chapter 13 and 14.


Nooria is going to live somewhere else, she’s going to be able to get an education. She feels really happy about it, she really wants an education and she finally has the chance to have an education. I felt very iffy and had a lot of mixed feelings when I was watching Batman Begins. I like Batman a lot, and Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors, but I wasn’t a big fan of that movie. I like Batman: The Dark Knight a lot better.


I learned that Parvana can be a very nice girl who is warm hearted, she wanted to help Homa. Getting back to Parvana’s house is dangerous because they have a curfew and the Taliban would shoot them on spot if they were seen. Homa said that the Taliban took over the place Parvana’s family just went. Parvana keeps thinking that they are dead, but Mrs. Weera keeps telling her to stay confident. I probably would yell something strange to try and control myself, but I probably would start to get paranoid and scared. I think Parvana’s family is going to come back because of the Taliban. Honestly I didn’t think he father would come home. I didn’t think that because he was arrested by the Taliban.

In the next chapter, I think that Parvana’s father is going to get really scared because the rest of the family are gone. I also think Parvana’s family is going to come home.



The Breadwinner • Chapter 11 & 12

Today we listened to The Breadwinner chapter 11 and 12. 


I feel like Parvana told her family about the bone digging because maybe she felt really upset about it and felt like she betrayed her mother. Digging bones lead them to a new job because they got a lot of money from digging up bones. The relationship between Parvana and her sister is changing because I think it’s because they have been going on more walks together. Maybe it’s also because Parvana is earning more money for the family. At the stadium, they grabbed some prisoners and a lot of people came to watch, but they cut off one of the prisoner’s hands. I think the author decided to include this scean because maybe she wants people to under stand what it’s like over where Parvana lives.


Shauzia’s dream is for her to get enough money so she can leave her home and go to France. Personally, I don’t think her going to France is a good idea, but it isn’t a bad idea. I think Parvana’s parents disagreed on leaving Afghanistan because that’s their home. Parvana what’s to be sitting in a class at school so she could be bored. Honestly, I’m not suprised, is I was in her situation I would want the same thing. It’s valuable for Parvana to talk to other people from the outside areas because it a very rare chance to do so. I think the women from the window is trying to signal something to Parvana, maybe she’s trying to tell her she needs help.

In the next chapter I think someone is going to figure out about the school and something bad is going to happen. What do you think is going to happen in the next few chapters?

The Breadwinner • Chapter Nine & Ten

Today we listened to chapter nine and ten of The Breadwinner.


Parvana’s life is different from Shauzia’s life because her father is in jail but Shauzia’s father passed away because he had a bad heart. The first plan Mrs. Weera and mother have is to publish a magazine story around to other women. The second plan Mrs. Weera has is to start a school for a couple of girls to attend to for at least an hour a day. Both of these plans are dangerous because the Taliban doesn’t like books and they don’t think women and girls should have an education.


 The girls new jobs are bone diggers. If I was in a situation like them, I might be able to do this, but, I most likely wouldn’t be able to dig up bones for a living. Land mines are something people put in a field and explode when people step on them. I personally don’t think that vision will not be true. I think this because not everyone stays friends forever.


In the next chapter I think Parvana’s mother will find out about the bone digging job.

The Breadwinner • Chapter Seven & Eight

Today we listened to chapter seven and eight of The Breadwinner



Parvana’s job is a letter reader. I think Parvana enjoys her job, be she helps out her family get money and she has the chance to meet more people. I think the author included the scene with Parvana reading the letter for the Talib because, everyone has feelings and she might want to show that. If I was forced to sell something very important to me, like my band merchandise and stuff like that, I would feel pretty upset. I have 3 5 Seconds Of Summer posters and if my mom and dad told me I had to sell those, I would feel upset and really angry.



The families lives changed as soon as Mrs. Weera moved in because she’s pushing everyone to do things they never did before. If I was forced to say inside, I would probably miss walking around in the snow. I don’t know why I would miss that but I like how cold it is. It is so unhealthy to stay indoors all of the time because people news vitamin c, and sunlight gives us that. I think the women in the window was throwing things down at Parvana so she could sell them. Maybe she’s helping her get more money that way.


In the next chapter, I personally think that girl who fell with the cups isn’t going to remember her, and run away.

The Breadwinner • Chapter Five & Six

I’ve read chapter five and six of The Breadwinner today.


I think Mrs. Weera Is a strong warm hearted person who cares about a lot of people. I think think because she kept them all on their feet when she came back home with Parvana. She also met Parvana at the top of the steps when Parvana came back with the bucket of water, and she dumped the water in the tank. Parvana’s job to bring back water is very important because, water is a very important thing for people to survive. They need to boil their water before they drink it because, there might be led or something like that in the water from the taps. If they don’t boil the water, they could get really sick.


The plan Mrs. Weera thought of is, Parvana should dress up as a boy, and go out into the market that away no one really has to worry. On the first day of Parvana in the market as a boy turned out really well, she didn’t get caught and she managed to get all the things she didn’t get at the market. At first, I think Parvana felt a little uncomfortable, and I feel like she was about to lose it but I feel like she got more comfortable. I feel like her red shalwar is so special to her because maybe someone very important to her gave it to her as a gift, maybe it was her brother. I didn’t quite get that part.

In the next few chapters, I have no clue why, but I just feel like something bad is going to happen, maybe the Taliban found out about their little secret and how Parvana is just dressing up as a boy.

The Breadwinner • Chapter Three & Four

We listening to chapter three and four today for The Breadwinner



The Taliban ordered for all of the windows to be painted black so no one can look through the windows and see the woman. I kinda felt upset listening to this chapter. The roles they have in this book, I’m pretty sure that’s why I felt upset. I don’t find it fair how women are not allowed outside and pictures are illegal. I honestly think Parvana is showing so courage. I think this because, she was afraid of the guards at first, but then she remembered her father and fought back with her mother.



The mother was beaten and she started getting depressed along with soar feet. Well, Parvana is wanting the mother to go get food, and Nooria wants to take care of her mother. I think that quote means everyone leans on each other, like how if someone is sick, they’d be leaning on you because your helping them. Honestly, I’m kind of in between on saying that this is true in my family. I respect my parents because when need me and my sister are sick they take care of us is we are sick, but when they are sick, they do rest, but sometimes they still do everything in the house.

In the next chapter, I personally think someone like the mother is going to get really ill, what do you think?


Star Wars – The Force Awakens Character Sketch • Rey



So, a couple days ago way May The 4th Be With You. We were told to watch the move The Force Awakens which is episode 7 in the Star Wars series. After the movie, we were told to create a character sketch of out favourite character, and my favourite character is Rey.

Rey lives in a galaxy called Jakku, and she has been scavenging in the deserts of Jakku for a while now. Then she met a guy named Finn, who is the person standing beside the quote ‘I Think I Can Handle Myself • Rey‘. She figures out a man named Kylo Ren is after her, he is the guy with the red lightsaber. She meets up with other old characters from all the other Star Wars movies which I think is awesome! Then, around the end, they find who they were looking for this whole time, the legendary Luke Skywalker. Personally I think Rey is the new Jedi.

What do you think?