The Breadwinner • Chapter Three & Four

We listening to chapter three and four today for The Breadwinner



The Taliban ordered for all of the windows to be painted black so no one can look through the windows and see the woman. I kinda felt upset listening to this chapter. The roles they have in this book, I’m pretty sure that’s why I felt upset. I don’t find it fair how women are not allowed outside and pictures are illegal. I honestly think Parvana is showing so courage. I think this because, she was afraid of the guards at first, but then she remembered her father and fought back with her mother.



The mother was beaten and she started getting depressed along with soar feet. Well, Parvana is wanting the mother to go get food, and Nooria wants to take care of her mother. I think that quote means everyone leans on each other, like how if someone is sick, they’d be leaning on you because your helping them. Honestly, I’m kind of in between on saying that this is true in my family. I respect my parents because when need me and my sister are sick they take care of us is we are sick, but when they are sick, they do rest, but sometimes they still do everything in the house.

In the next chapter, I personally think someone like the mother is going to get really ill, what do you think?


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