The Breadwinner • Chapter Five & Six

I’ve read chapter five and six of The Breadwinner today.


I think Mrs. Weera Is a strong warm hearted person who cares about a lot of people. I think think because she kept them all on their feet when she came back home with Parvana. She also met Parvana at the top of the steps when Parvana came back with the bucket of water, and she dumped the water in the tank. Parvana’s job to bring back water is very important because, water is a very important thing for people to survive. They need to boil their water before they drink it because, there might be led or something like that in the water from the taps. If they don’t boil the water, they could get really sick.


The plan Mrs. Weera thought of is, Parvana should dress up as a boy, and go out into the market that away no one really has to worry. On the first day of Parvana in the market as a boy turned out really well, she didn’t get caught and she managed to get all the things she didn’t get at the market. At first, I think Parvana felt a little uncomfortable, and I feel like she was about to lose it but I feel like she got more comfortable. I feel like her red shalwar is so special to her because maybe someone very important to her gave it to her as a gift, maybe it was her brother. I didn’t quite get that part.

In the next few chapters, I have no clue why, but I just feel like something bad is going to happen, maybe the Taliban found out about their little secret and how Parvana is just dressing up as a boy.

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