The Breadwinner • Chapter Seven & Eight

Today we listened to chapter seven and eight of The Breadwinner



Parvana’s job is a letter reader. I think Parvana enjoys her job, be she helps out her family get money and she has the chance to meet more people. I think the author included the scene with Parvana reading the letter for the Talib because, everyone has feelings and she might want to show that. If I was forced to sell something very important to me, like my band merchandise and stuff like that, I would feel pretty upset. I have 3 5 Seconds Of Summer posters and if my mom and dad told me I had to sell those, I would feel upset and really angry.



The families lives changed as soon as Mrs. Weera moved in because she’s pushing everyone to do things they never did before. If I was forced to say inside, I would probably miss walking around in the snow. I don’t know why I would miss that but I like how cold it is. It is so unhealthy to stay indoors all of the time because people news vitamin c, and sunlight gives us that. I think the women in the window was throwing things down at Parvana so she could sell them. Maybe she’s helping her get more money that way.


In the next chapter, I personally think that girl who fell with the cups isn’t going to remember her, and run away.


  1. I love your thoughts on the next chapter. Also I like your thoughts on why the women was throwing things at Parvana. Great blog.

  2. I like your post because it is spaced out and it has good answers

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