The Breadwinner • Chapter 11 & 12

Today we listened to The Breadwinner chapter 11 and 12. 


I feel like Parvana told her family about the bone digging because maybe she felt really upset about it and felt like she betrayed her mother. Digging bones lead them to a new job because they got a lot of money from digging up bones. The relationship between Parvana and her sister is changing because I think it’s because they have been going on more walks together. Maybe it’s also because Parvana is earning more money for the family. At the stadium, they grabbed some prisoners and a lot of people came to watch, but they cut off one of the prisoner’s hands. I think the author decided to include this scean because maybe she wants people to under stand what it’s like over where Parvana lives.


Shauzia’s dream is for her to get enough money so she can leave her home and go to France. Personally, I don’t think her going to France is a good idea, but it isn’t a bad idea. I think Parvana’s parents disagreed on leaving Afghanistan because that’s their home. Parvana what’s to be sitting in a class at school so she could be bored. Honestly, I’m not suprised, is I was in her situation I would want the same thing. It’s valuable for Parvana to talk to other people from the outside areas because it a very rare chance to do so. I think the women from the window is trying to signal something to Parvana, maybe she’s trying to tell her she needs help.

In the next chapter I think someone is going to figure out about the school and something bad is going to happen. What do you think is going to happen in the next few chapters?

The Breadwinner • Chapter Nine & Ten

Today we listened to chapter nine and ten of The Breadwinner.


Parvana’s life is different from Shauzia’s life because her father is in jail but Shauzia’s father passed away because he had a bad heart. The first plan Mrs. Weera and mother have is to publish a magazine story around to other women. The second plan Mrs. Weera has is to start a school for a couple of girls to attend to for at least an hour a day. Both of these plans are dangerous because the Taliban doesn’t like books and they don’t think women and girls should have an education.


 The girls new jobs are bone diggers. If I was in a situation like them, I might be able to do this, but, I most likely wouldn’t be able to dig up bones for a living. Land mines are something people put in a field and explode when people step on them. I personally don’t think that vision will not be true. I think this because not everyone stays friends forever.


In the next chapter I think Parvana’s mother will find out about the bone digging job.