The Breadwinner • Chapter Nine & Ten

Today we listened to chapter nine and ten of The Breadwinner.


Parvana’s life is different from Shauzia’s life because her father is in jail but Shauzia’s father passed away because he had a bad heart. The first plan Mrs. Weera and mother have is to publish a magazine story around to other women. The second plan Mrs. Weera has is to start a school for a couple of girls to attend to for at least an hour a day. Both of these plans are dangerous because the Taliban doesn’t like books and they don’t think women and girls should have an education.


 The girls new jobs are bone diggers. If I was in a situation like them, I might be able to do this, but, I most likely wouldn’t be able to dig up bones for a living. Land mines are something people put in a field and explode when people step on them. I personally don’t think that vision will not be true. I think this because not everyone stays friends forever.


In the next chapter I think Parvana’s mother will find out about the bone digging job.

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