The Breadwinner • Chapter 13 & 14

Today we listened to chapter 13 and 14.


Nooria is going to live somewhere else, she’s going to be able to get an education. She feels really happy about it, she really wants an education and she finally has the chance to have an education. I felt very iffy and had a lot of mixed feelings when I was watching Batman Begins. I like Batman a lot, and Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors, but I wasn’t a big fan of that movie. I like Batman: The Dark Knight a lot better.


I learned that Parvana can be a very nice girl who is warm hearted, she wanted to help Homa. Getting back to Parvana’s house is dangerous because they have a curfew and the Taliban would shoot them on spot if they were seen. Homa said that the Taliban took over the place Parvana’s family just went. Parvana keeps thinking that they are dead, but Mrs. Weera keeps telling her to stay confident. I probably would yell something strange to try and control myself, but I probably would start to get paranoid and scared. I think Parvana’s family is going to come back because of the Taliban. Honestly I didn’t think he father would come home. I didn’t think that because he was arrested by the Taliban.

In the next chapter, I think that Parvana’s father is going to get really scared because the rest of the family are gone. I also think Parvana’s family is going to come home.