Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 1

Today we listened to the first chapter of Parvana’s Journey. 

The thing that surprised me at the beginning of the story is that she was at a little funeral for her father. I feel happy that there is a continuation of Parvana’s story. In the last book, they kinda left is hanging and didn’t say anything else and I hate when that happens. I think it will be difficult for her to continue posing as a boy because she’s getting older and she’s starting to grow. I think the author chose for her father dying so the reader(s) know that time went by.

This book is starting to remind me of the book Iqbal. The father in Iqbal doesn’t die but Iqbal does. Iqbal has to do with child labor, and I don’t know why it reminds me of Iqbal.

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  1. Great answers Jarkia! I also hate it when they don’t pick up where they left off.

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