The Breadwinner • Chapter Two

we just listened to chapter 2 of The Breadwinner. Like yesterday, I was asked some questions. 

The soldiers randomly came to their home and started to ruin everything. I think the soldiers brought their father somewhere so they can hurt him, because he went to England for his education, but that’s just my guess. I think the books are so important to the family because they are history books. The books represent history of England. Hossain was their older brother, and he was killed by a land mine when he was 14 years old.

Honestly though, I can relate when it said ‘food makes everyone happy‘. To me they just written a fact, it’s true. When I can go to Mc Donald’s and get a Big Mac, that is the best day of my life. Food lightens up my world.

The Breadwinner • Chapter One

Today, we listened to the first chapter of The Breadwinner, here are some answers to some questions I was asked. 

I think Parvana’s family’s life has changed very roughly over the last 10 years. As soon as the bombing started, they had to change their location to live a lot, and I would get really stressed out if I had to do that. I imagine they also got really stressed out. Its been over a year since the mother and the children, have been outside except for Parvana. If I wasn’t allowed to leave my house, I’m going to be honest, I think I would go crazy. If the day ever came when I was allowed to leave my house, I would probably be afraid of everything because I have been trapped inside a house forever. I would forget what sun light looked like so I would feel blind. If I wasn’t allowed to go to school, again, I’m going to be honest, the first day would feel like I won the lottery. As I get past the first week I would probably be sitting in a corner not knowing what to do. The first year, my parents would have to figure out something for me because they would get sick of me complaining all the time. I have learned that the Taliban didn’t let women leave their homes, and people weren’t allowed to go to school.

Im just curious though, what do they have against women?


Deborah Ellis Interview • Blog Of The Day, May 10

Today I watched an interview about Deborah Ellis. Deborah Ellis has written 20 books all together, and she started writing at 12 years old. The name of her first published book was called Looking For X. Deborah writes about courage, the message she puts in her books is be courageous and she wants people to understand what’s going on in the world. The decision she wants people to make in their lifetime is to be courageous. Deborah Ellis grew up in Paris, Ontario. Deborah chose to write for children because she went to Afghanistan and saw all the families who were suffering from the war, and the person who published Looking For X published books for children. The thing that affected her decision to write for children is she didn’t think her book was good enough.  

First Grade 7 Post

I’ve already had a blog, and some things have changed since then. To start off, I still love 5sos, but I don’t like One Direction, im5, and the colour hot pink anymore. To replace them, I now love Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, and Falling In Reverse. I still love Batman, that will never change by the way.

I personally hope I have better grammar this year, because last year I wasn’t the best with grammar.

5 Seconds Of Summer



Black Veil Brides


Sleeping With Sirens


Falling In Reverse