Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 4 & 5


Parvana’s first encounter with the boy in the cave wasn’t all that great. Parvana lures him out the way someone would lure me out, food. She said to they boy that if he wants food he needs to go and get it. I think Parvana would leave the baby and Asif because maybe they’re to much to take care of. Personally though I don’t think Parvana will leave them. Parvana obviously is the kind of person who loves children, so I don’t think she’ll leave the baby, I would honestly be shocked if she left Asif. 



I think the character from The Breadwinner, who is similar to Asif is Nooria. I think these characters were made to be so similar because maybe Deborah Ellis wanted to create characters that remind Parvana of her family. For example, the baby is probably supposed to remind her of Ali, Asif is probably supposed to remind her of Nooria. A bunch of scars covers Asif’s back. Personally I think Asif was in the army, and they might have abused him with a whip. I think he is so sad and angry about it he takes his anger out on anyone else.

“My life is strange and normal and boring and amazing and long days of eating Mc Donald’s.”

Parvana’s life is kinda strange, I don’t think it’s amazing or boring, but I guess it’s kinda normal for her, and long days of eating nan.


In the next chapter I think they all are leaving that cave.


  1. I also do agree that they will leave the cave, but do you think the kid will be greatful for Parvana taking him with her?

    • I think the kid Asif will follow because he wants a family, but he doesn’t have one. What do you think?

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