Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 8 & 9


I think Parvana feels this way because she’s getting older and she has been out for so long, and to me is magic and stuff like that happens, it would have happened by now. I would tell Parvana that I think she can believe in what she wants to. Well first of all, the adults failed the children because they wouldn’t let all of them work, and they only gave the children a small portion of rice.



I think Parvana and Asif are getting along more. In the end of this chapter, Asif and Parvana were cuddled up in a blanket and singing songs together. I feel like I could relate a little bit to this chapter, Parvana said she was having trouble sleeping because of a rock, I was once struggling to sleep because there was springs in my mattress.

In the next chapter I think they are going to find a new village.


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