Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 16 & 17


Parvana says her dreams and hopes turn into garbage and their basically pointless. Just because she’s going threw Thai right now, doesn’t mean she should stop dreaming. I would tell her to stop being silly and she needs to understand that she is going threw a hard time but she needs to dream. The children eat the book because they have no food. I understand that they need something to eat, but I feel like it’s kinda weird because it’s a book. I think their relationship are like brother and sister because sometimes they’ll see eye to eye. I can’t really tell, I think it depends on my group. I would do terrible, I would complain because I have no food, or water. I think Parvana is feeling stressed and annoyed.



I think the author is making these facts because they are really younge and have no clue what’s going on in the world. Asif’s uncle locked Asif in a shed because he took berries. The author makes the point when the farmer and his family came and explained it to the children.

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