The End Of Parvana’s Journey • Chapter 20 & 21


In this chapter, a bunch of food carts fell from the sky and Leila tried to go and get food but a land mine injured her. The thing that is convenient is Parvana found her mother. Parvana reunited with her mother at the very end of the chapter. I honestly knew something like this would happen because it’s bound to happen. I think someone is going to get hurt again. Most of the women stay inside the camp because if someone sees the women without their face covered, they might die. Parvana was told to cover up because she is a women.



The ending was similar to the beginning because Parvana’s father died and Leila died at the end. There are a lot of children in the camp, and they need to be educated and the women need to be important, because we are. Parvana and Asif occasionally get along but they still argue. I hope they find a safe place to see.

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