Colour Staind Fireworks!

image  This is one of my favourite pieces of art. I think I did really well on overlaping the fireworks. And I really like the combination of the colours. I think I need to work on making the fireworks biger.

Scary Tree


This is my Halloween art. The class got told to post our favourite art on our blog. So, I wanted to post this one. I really like how the black and white match together perfectly. But I do think I could of put an animal like an owl in the art.

What do you like about it?

Elements Of Art


This is my Elements of art picture.
The thing i think i could work on is the lines. The lines in the sky don’t look right to me. And the ground dose not look right to me.The thing i think i did good on is the sun. I really like the how the colours mach in the sun.