Sky Wheel

Sky Wheel

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   When me and my family went to Niagara Falls, my mom, dad, and sister wanted to go on the Sky wheel, of course I was the one who was afraid to go on the wheel, it is 175-178 feet tall!

 I didn’t want to make them upset so I tried to stop crying because I was afraid to go on but I got my head together.

 I stepped on the cart and sat down. I got a funny sick feeling in my stomach when I got on . I was still afraid until I got to the very top,  I was amazed.

I took  a couple of pictures of everything at the bottom of all the tiny things under us.

I felt strong and brave after  doing something I was afraid of doing. My mom and dad was so proud of me for doing that too. I felt proud to because I faced one of my fears!

After going on the SkyWheel my sister and I wanted to keep on going on it. Lets just say my mom and dad said,  they created a monster, only because they took us on, and we loved it!