Field trip to On Stage and Library!!

My class and I went to the On Stage Dance Studio and the Public Library on November 19th. The bus brought us to the studio and we met a dance teacher Miss. Shana. She thought us lots of hip hop dance moves. We danced so much, my legs hurt so much. After we got done dancing, we all had a little snack brake. Then we walked to the library.

When we got to the library, we got a tour around the library. We got Public Library cards if we ordered one. There is two floors that we could go on to get books. The limit of books are three, I just got two. I had a great time! Did you?

Day At Wild wood

Me and my class had lots of fun on a field trip to Wild wood! we split into 2 groups and did different activates. My group played a game first, what you need to do is, you get a card with a definition on it and you need to go hide in the woods behind 3 people, then the three people go and find 5 people that match what they have. My definition said “ These are one of the most colorful animals “ . The people that i was with belong to a bird.

Then we played a game a game called “ Therese a fly in my soup“ its were we are animals and bugs and we are all in a circle and we need to intrudes our self to someone, wen you read your card to someone and if you eat that animal or bug you need to chase them around the circle and try to tag them. I was a Dragonfly Nymph, i got to try to tag someone but i wasn’t running that fast.

We also played a game and we needed to pretend to be a raccoon and we needed to pick up out food with four fingers and our teacher would turn around to see who was moving.

Then we walked down to the stream and tried to get bugs, i got a cray fish, minnow, and another strange bug.

We had a blast!!!

Did you have a good time at Wild wood?IMG_4080