Australia Immigrants

Australia immigrated to Canada for lots of reasons.

All these times are when Australia immigrated to Canada. They came around the year of 1886, 1939, 1947, 1907, and the 1990’s. 

Why the came to Canada for these reasons.They came for family class and family reunification. They came to get away from Political issues, they also came because of Escaping conflict, andNatural Disaster. 

Family class and/or reunification. So if someone had family in Canada, and they lived in Australia, they could move to Canada to be with there family.Political issues. So if there was a really bad war in Australia and someone there he of she’s family, and other Australians could move to Canada where it’s safe.Escaping conflict. So if someone lived in Australia didn’t like it and they wanted to escape to Canada.Natural disaster. So if there was a tornado of something that killed half the population of Australia, and someone who lived there, they would want to move to a more safe place like Canada.

Those are some reasons why Australia immigrated to Canada. Australia immigrants on a ship.