Star Wars – The Force Awakens Character Sketch • Rey



So, a couple days ago way May The 4th Be With You. We were told to watch the move The Force Awakens which is episode 7 in the Star Wars series. After the movie, we were told to create a character sketch of out favourite character, and my favourite character is Rey.

Rey lives in a galaxy called Jakku, and she has been scavenging in the deserts of Jakku for a while now. Then she met a guy named Finn, who is the person standing beside the quote ‘I Think I Can Handle Myself • Rey‘. She figures out a man named Kylo Ren is after her, he is the guy with the red lightsaber. She meets up with other old characters from all the other Star Wars movies which I think is awesome! Then, around the end, they find who they were looking for this whole time, the legendary Luke Skywalker. Personally I think Rey is the new Jedi.

What do you think?



Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

” Everyone can be great ” – Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

I think the qoute means, it dosen’t matter what rase you are to be great. Every one is the same, because everyone has fealings. It’s really important because some people get bullied on how they look, then they think that they are not the same as other people. But, they are the same, they are great! People should remember this qoute because it gives an important statement to people. Remember,” Everyone can be great ”

Martin Luther King Jr. was a baptist minister and a social activist, who led the civil rights in the mid- 1950s until his death in the year of 1968.  image