My March Break

My March Break was fun for several reasons.

I went to my friends birthday party on the 15th of March. The party was at On Stage Dance Studieo. My friend chose Musical theater. We played a game first after we wormed up. After the game we had pizza. There was cheese pizza and meat pizza. I had one meat pizza and one cheese. After pizza my friend opend her gifts. I made her a card with my mom’s scrap booking things. She really liked the card. Finaly we learned a dance routine. The song we danced to was ” Good Morning Baltimore” from the movie Hairspray.

On the 20th of March we celebrated my dad’s birthday. Some of his friends came over. Me, my mom, and my sister went to Foodland to get a birthday cake for my dad. It was a chocolate cake. My sister made the X-Box logo on the cake. I just put chocolate and caremel around it. I tink we did a really good job on the cake. Then on the 21st of March is the day my dad turned 36! Me,my mom, and my sister took my dad out for brunch. Then when we got home he just played his X-box with my sister.

On the last day of March break i went to the public library. I needed to work on my science project. After I did some of my work, I got two more books. They are comics. The first comic I got is a Batman comic. The next one I got is a Green Arrow and Green Lantern one. Super girl is also in that book. After the public library me, my mom, and my sister went to Kiwi Kraz.

As you can see my March Break was fun!