April was an amazing month at school!

Me and more people went to North Western high school for Loud and Proud. Its a bunch of school interments, we all play the same songs. But our music teacher chooses a song for us to preform. The song we preformed was “Beethoven’s Ninth,” Then all the schools got together and we played a song called “Magma,” It wasn’t that hard because my class played it for Kiwanis. The next song we played was called “Twist and Shout,” Its by the Beatles. That song was a little harder, I play a clarinet so I only used the notes E, G, A, B, and F. The last song we played was “Sweet Caroline,” That song for me, was really hard. That song was  song to close the concert. It all ended around 8:00 pm.

We played scooter games in the gym! The first one we played was where there was a group of people on scooters and a group of people not on scooters. Someone kicks a ball to the people off scooters and they need to make a line. Someone from that group throws the ball back and forth to one person and it goes down a line. The scooters need to make it to one side of the gym and back before the other people are done going down a line with a ball. Then we would switch.  The next game we played was a game with a group with scooter and a group off scooters. We need to catch a ball and pass it to someone standing a little far from a bucket. then they would toss it in the bucket. (Or at least try).

We went tree planting! We walked there, I don’t really know where it is. It was really worm that day.  The steps are, dig a hole, get little wood chips and a tree, put the tree in the hole, cover it with dirt, then dump the wood chips on the tree and form a ‘doughnut’. Me and my partner planted four trees. The people there wanted to plant 110 trees, and we did end up planting 110 trees. It was really fun! The only thing that bothered me was the heat.

As you can see April was a fun month.

March At School

March was a fantastic month.

In art, we did an art tessellation. The famous artist who did the tessellations is MC Esher. We had to get a little piece of paper and draw something on one side. Then you cut it out and slide it to the top of the paper and tape it. Then you get a larger piece of paper and trace it on the paper. After your done tracing, out line it in black, then finally colour. People thin my art reminds them of fire. To me, it doesn’t. The colours I chose were teal and a really light blue. We are putting it on black paper when we are done. The art was really fun.

We presented dance to the class. We all got in groups and we had to make a dance using high, medium, and low. Our teacher gave us each a card to come up with a dance move for high, medium, and low. The people in my group were Kati and Emily. My card said flex, Kati’s card said stretch, and Emily’s said flop. I did not like dancing in front of the class.

In music we are practicing a song for a Kiwanis festival. The song is called ” Magma,” I don’t really know who written it. I play clarinet, so its not that hard. I only find the middle in the song hard. I play a bass clarinet part with another clarinet, a tenner sax, and trombones. That part is at measure 12. There’s one note on measure 16.

As you can see March was a fantastic month.

February Fun!

This month was an amazing month!

We had our own We Day assembly at school. This month, the Me To We group put together a We Day assembly. First we welcomed them to the assembly. Then we told them how goats help a family. The goats would help because they would provide milk, cheese, and yogurt. Every $50 we raise buys a goat for a family. At the assembly, we talked about a bake sale we are having to raise money. We are also having p.j day, tacky Tuesday, hat day, a day do dress like the 60`s , 70`s, and 80`s. All those will help us raise more money.

In math we learned about fractions. There are equivalent fractions, improper fractions, and simplest form. It was difficult for me at first, but it was starting to get more easy as we went on. You could also use a 100 grid to make fractions. For example, 17/100 would be in percent 17%, and in decimals it would be 0.17.

We started to talk about space in science. We first got in groups and we got assigned a planet. My groups planet was Venus. Then we made a blog post about the planet. Before this month, we also learned about The International Space Station. We also made a blog post on three character traits we think you would need to live on The International Space Station. We did lots of cool stuff to learn about space.

As you can see, February was another fantastic month!


January was another great month at school!

We did firework art to celebrate New Year’s Eave . The art was simple, but i didn’t like mine at first. We had to use oil pastels. The two first colours i used was red and white, I was trying to make it so when so someone looks at it, it will remind them of Canada. All the other fireworks I did, I just used random colours. I tried to not use the same to colours together twice but, I used the same colours three times. Those colours were a bright dim brown like gold and a really light pink.

We also started reading groups. The reading groups are people in our class in groups and they do a different activity each day that involves picture books. One of the things are you need to read a book silently to your self the discuss with a partner about the book on explain everything then make a video on explain everything then post it on our blogs. ( I have one on my blog ). I really enjoy the reading groups.

We also started making a story. We all are writing a story on our google docs account. My story is called waiter. It takes place in New York. The main idea is to not give up! When I was describing the setting, I think i did a really good job. Im really excited to see how my story turns out.

Thats why I think January was a great month at school. Did you think January was a great month?



This November, we had an amazing time doing all the things we did.

The class started doing a Christmas song in music to play at the Flakes concert. All the Clarinets get a solo with the Alto Saxophones, Flutes, and Trumpets. We all have different notes to play at the same time. The song that we all will be playing at the Flakes concert is St. Nick salsa.

We finished a book in the class called Out Of My Mind. Its about a girl named Melody who cant talk, move, or walk. In the middle of the book, Melody get a thing that could help her talk. Melody named it Elvira. All she needs to to is type things and ” Elvira ” will say them. Closer to the end of the book, Melody made it in a group to go to the Wiz Kids competition. But when they were going to Washington, Melody got left behind.

We did lots of cool things in November for D.P.A. For a worm up, we would do something called ” line run ” where we line up on a wall in the gym, we have red lines, green lines, black lines, and yellow lines. We used the green lines. When our teacher said go, we touched the first green line and touched the wall. We had to run back to the wall and touch it after every line. When we got done touching all the green lines, we had to do a stretch of our choice. One of the games we would plat is Button Football, your teacher or parent would divide you in groups, on the other side of where the other team is and some one would hold the button and you need to try to get to the other side. Of course everyone will try to get to the other side to try and trick the other team but when the button gets found, the team gets a point. We would also play Capture The Flag. You would divide teams and put hoops on to sides of the gym, ball diamond, or yard with about six bean bags in each. ( Make sure you have one colour for one team and another colour for the other team ). Then you need to try to get to the other side and grab a bean bag and run back to put it in your teams hoop. If you get caught by the other team, you need to skip back with one of your team mates. We also played Snow Soccer. You just play soccer in the snow. but you can put one two three soccer balls in the game.

I hope December will be a great month to!




There are so meany memories for this past month!

After Thanks Giving, we got a new student in our class, and she is really nice, she is also a really great friend.
The class finally finished our elements of art picture. I think I could do a lot better on my art. Right now we have all the art hanging in our class room on the walls.

In music, we all did a test peace, we had the choice to play it on Monday, if not then we had to play it on the original test day. I played it on Monday. We all weekend so much on our test. For me it was not that hard. There was only 5 notes to play, the test was called “The fab five “.

A couple days after the test it was the Halloween dance!! I went with my mom ant I meet my friend there, she was waiting out side of the school. I had I blast at the dance.

How was your October?


In September we had a great time doing all the new things from start of school to the end of September!

We did lots of cool things like math. What we did in math is Factors and Multiples. it was a awesome learning cool things like Factor Trees in math.

On the first week of school we started an instrument project. We all play an instrument in music class. I play the clarinet in music. We took over how to sanitize our mouth piece,put out instrument together and we are working on our notes for the instrument.

In gym, we did soccer skills. My teacher wanted us to learn the skills for soccer. Every day we ran a lap for 5 minuets to get wormed up.

We had a great month of September!!!