Mud City • Chapter 7&8


I think Shauzia is most worried about taking a shower infront of all of the boys because Shauzia is a girl. I kinda felt afraid for her, at this point I think if I was in her situation I’d be crying. I think Shauzia thought this because sometimes when she’s angry she could get her way, and if she’s afraid, she might not be able to get anything and/or talk to anyone.



I have felt like this, I remember getting frustrated a lot in the morning. I think this is affective because it describes the way she feels so well. In this chapter we met Tom, Barbara, Jake, and Paul. They are a family from America, they live in a big house, they actually have good food and shelter and Shauzia doesn’t have anything like that. I think this made her feel kinda upset because so far her ‘adventure’ has been terrible so far.

Mud City • Chapter 5&6


I found the garbage digging part was pretty disgusting. I don’t know how she could dig threw the garbage looking for food. I found the part with the hotel more visible in my imagination. I like how Shauzia kinda stays herself and stays away from bad things. I think the children are fully capable of keeping themselves safe, and children my age should worry about being safe and healthy.



Shauzia has changed her attitude a bit bye actually asking people for money. I think Shauzia changed so she can actually get around and get money. I think the people in this book are giving food to the dog and not Shauzia because Shauzia actually gets some money and only get a little. When she gets money, she’ll bye nan and meant, and that’s once and a while. I also think they know that the dog is unhealthy.  Shauzia got arrested by the police at the end of the chapter. In the next chapter I think she will end up escaping.