February Fun!

This month was an amazing month!

We had our own We Day assembly at school. This month, the Me To We group put together a We Day assembly. First we welcomed them to the assembly. Then we told them how goats help a family. The goats would help because they would provide milk, cheese, and yogurt. Every $50 we raise buys a goat for a family. At the assembly, we talked about a bake sale we are having to raise money. We are also having p.j day, tacky Tuesday, hat day, a day do dress like the 60`s , 70`s, and 80`s. All those will help us raise more money.

In math we learned about fractions. There are equivalent fractions, improper fractions, and simplest form. It was difficult for me at first, but it was starting to get more easy as we went on. You could also use a 100 grid to make fractions. For example, 17/100 would be in percent 17%, and in decimals it would be 0.17.

We started to talk about space in science. We first got in groups and we got assigned a planet. My groups planet was Venus. Then we made a blog post about the planet. Before this month, we also learned about The International Space Station. We also made a blog post on three character traits we think you would need to live on The International Space Station. We did lots of cool stuff to learn about space.

As you can see, February was another fantastic month!