Mud City • Chapter 3&4


Shauzia saw a bunch of other boys running around with tea, as in a tea boys. Shauzia gets to clean a butchers shop. I think I could deliver tea, but maybe not a butchers shop. Shauzia and Jasper slept I a cement shelf in an ally way.



Shauzia is a tea boy, works at a grocery store, and cleans the butchers shop. Shauzia bought bread and with the rest of it she bought herself some new sandals. I think Shauzia would go crazy if she didn’t have Jasper. I mean she probably needs company. Shauzia has the chance to get robbed, and hurt. I would feel lonley and upset because I wouldn’t have any of my friends or family. I wouldn’t cope very well, I think I would go crazy.

First Grade 7 Post

I’ve already had a blog, and some things have changed since then. To start off, I still love 5sos, but I don’t like One Direction, im5, and the colour hot pink anymore. To replace them, I now love Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, and Falling In Reverse. I still love Batman, that will never change by the way.

I personally hope I have better grammar this year, because last year I wasn’t the best with grammar.

5 Seconds Of Summer



Black Veil Brides


Sleeping With Sirens


Falling In Reverse

Iqbal-Chapter 11

imageI think the kite symbolizes freedom. I think this because when a kite brakes off the string, it floats away. Its like its free! And Iqbal, Fetima, and Maria flew the kite when they are free. A kite flys away, and the children are no longer at the factory, so the children are free and a kite can be free when it brakes off the string. That is why I think it is freedom!