Star Wars – The Force Awakens Character Sketch • Rey



So, a couple days ago way May The 4th Be With You. We were told to watch the move The Force Awakens which is episode 7 in the Star Wars series. After the movie, we were told to create a character sketch of out favourite character, and my favourite character is Rey.

Rey lives in a galaxy called Jakku, and she has been scavenging in the deserts of Jakku for a while now. Then she met a guy named Finn, who is the person standing beside the quote ‘I Think I Can Handle Myself • Rey‘. She figures out a man named Kylo Ren is after her, he is the guy with the red lightsaber. She meets up with other old characters from all the other Star Wars movies which I think is awesome! Then, around the end, they find who they were looking for this whole time, the legendary Luke Skywalker. Personally I think Rey is the new Jedi.

What do you think?