A lot of ¬†fames people play minecraft.people like minecraft because it’s fun to bild stuf like cool hoses in it. Things in Minecraft are realy cool.Dimans are hard to find in caves so don’t think that your going to find it rate away.

7 thoughts on “Minecraft

  1. That is a good tip Kaden, now people will know not to give up on finding the diamonds, but to keep on trying. Also I like that you are putting pictures on your blog now.

  2. How many diamonds have you found? That is cool that you can build houses. Have you built an entire town?

    • I did not billed a hole town but I did find 30 diamonds on ps4 and I billed houses out of diamonds.

  3. Wow I would love to live in a diamond house!!! It must be worth a lot of money!!!

  4. I like Mindcraft a lot but I love the animals my favourite animal is the wolf.

  5. I would love to know what all the pictures are about? I don’t know anything about Minecraft! Maybe you could put a caption under the pictures so the readers will understand more about the pictures. I know that would really help me.

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