Marvellous Monday

Our class schedule

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹


  1. math(morning math and read Roamana and Bises)
  2. computers (we made blog books and made blog posts)
  3. Recess at 11:00 (I played with Leena,Avalon,Lauryn)
  4. lunch at 11:20 (I ate)
  5. Brayden and Lauryn shows there habitat Then DPA(There animal was an Arctic fox and a butterfly)
  6. Language (I blogged)
  7. Language (I blogged)
  8. Lunch at 1:20 (I ate in the gym)
  9. Recess at 1:35 (I practiced for the talent in the gym)
  10. Language (work)
  11. Health (last day of health)
Goodbye ๐Ÿ‘‹

my fun Thursday

Today was Bennettโ€™s captain today and heโ€™s animal was a ๐ŸฆŠ fox.

We made chickens ๐Ÿ“ because the art workshop came and This is my chicken..

Miss Akinson was at are school!!!!!!





My weekend And Friday

On Friday:

On Friday after school at 5:00 I went to Madison's birthday we made window art and made cupcakes.We ran around like crazy.We played with Madison's puppy and dog and there names are Bentley and Roxy.At night we went to see my friends Molly and Koen.

On Saturday:

On Saturday afternoon at 1:00 I went to Jacks party.We went to the baseball diamond and played a potato sack race.We also had water balloons and throwed them at each other and we went in Jacks pool.after the party I came home we went to are friends Noel and Julie's.We had a sleepover!We also went to the teddy bear picnic.I went on the rope wall.


On Sunday:

On Sunday morning at 10:30 I went to Kylie's birthday and we went swimming at the public pool and swam.My swimming teacher was life guarding us.We got the pool to are self!!!We had a picnic in the park and we played there we played grounders and then Kylie's mom dropped me off,then I went to a baseball game.

My weekend was awesome!!!


The best Friday.

My captain day!!!!

My animal was a panda ๐Ÿผย and I made a habitat for the panda,but I didnโ€™t put a panda in the habitat,because are job was to make a habitat.Maddison and me shared are habitat to the class and I read a book ๐Ÿ“–

Check out

we did check out and My check out about my captain day and everyone else did one to.

What I do at swimming

My swimming teacher:Emily

People in my group:Zoe,Endrew,Lucy,Brinn,Angela,ME!!!

What level I’m in:level 3

what I have to do:Front crawl,back crawl,trending for 30 seconds,special jumps.

Me(Katelyn Fizell)

Katelyn Fizell

favourite colour:blue,black,white

favourite sport:gymnastics,skating, Soccer,baseball.

favourite food:mac and cheese,hotdogs,burgers,French fries.

favourite candy:skittles,gum,sweet tearts,fun dip.

favourite song:bad guy by:Billie Ellish,sweet but psycho by:Ava weth.

My animal doc/habitat

My animal doc

Today I did my animal ๐Ÿผresearch

I finally finished it and I had fun the rest of the class did it to.we did it for are captain day and on Monday where making the habitats,my animal is a panda.

My habitat

I did a habitat for my animal and I am going to share it in 10 days and Iโ€™m excited.I Finley finished it and I put a whole bunch of stuff.

This is me and my habitat



My g and ml pic-college

I had to go on hunters blog to go to flip and then I picked stuff from flip(flip is a app that you can buy groceries online but we use it for math)I screened shot 4 pictures and then put it on pic-college and I had to do it in order and this is what it turned out as.

The Oreos had 224g.the bread ๐Ÿž had 442g.the chicken ๐Ÿ— had 800g.the beans had 398ml.

I had so much fun!!!