It is almost the last day!

It is almost the last day of school!My favourite things is when I walked into the classroom and I met Miss.Versteeg for the first time and when I learnt how to blog.This year was so fun and I’m sad and happy I’m happy that I get to go to  grade 3 and I’m sad because I’m going to leave Miss.Versteeg.P.S Miss.Versteeg was a great  teacher we will miss her so much!

Goodbye blog hello googleEd

Goodbye blog and hello googleEd!It is almost the end of the year and Miss.Versteeg is not going to do blogs enymore because she has to pay😭So we are going to be doing it on pixie books or something else.

My bike ride

I  went on a bike ride with my dad.It took 20 minutes to go there and it also took 20 minutes to get back.We  biked for 40 minutes altogether.we went to subway for dinner.I really like bike ridding with my family.I had a lot of fun!!

Fun-tastic Friday!

Today is a fun-tastic Friday.It is almost the end of the year!  Today we did the spelling test talent show and it is national indigenous people’s day also it is the first day of summer!Today was so fun!