Final Reflection

Well today (June 21, 2017) was my last day at my co-op placement McPhails Pet and Animal Needs. It was sad because it was a good semester with everyone at my co-op placement. I brought in some apple f... Read More

Daily Tasks

I normally start with cleaning the animals. First Coco’s litter (Coco is the store cat). Then clean, feed, and water the rodents. Clean out the other litter box that is used by the cats and kitt... Read More


I think its pretty cool to see what the animals at the pet store eat and how they eat. For example how the rabbits and guinea pigs eat generally the same thing hay, vegetables, food pellets, and some ... Read More

Journal Reflection #3

Working with others is an important skill to have and to do well at, because I ask people if they need help and figure out what they need. Sometimes we do not have exactly what they wanted so I help f... Read More

Snakes and Reptiles

Snakes and other reptiles eat worms of all kinds(superworms, mealworms, earthworms,etc), rodents, amphibians, birds, fish, other animals eggs, some even eat other reptiles. I have had to count how man... Read More

Animal Caretaker

□ Job title Animal caretaker □ Everyday job demands and working conditions □ Hours Flexible □ Wages (starting wages and maximum wages) $23 000 – $39 000 □ Job outlook (good, fair, bad)... Read More