Final Reflection

Well today (June 21, 2017) was my last day at my co-op placement McPhails Pet and Animal Needs. It was sad because it was a good semester with everyone at my co-op placement. I brought in some apple fritters from Anna Mae’s, and Kathy gave me a water bottle and sandwich container. I am very thankful to have meet the people I did at my co-op placement. I learned a lot more about animals I never thought I would. It was very valuable to learn how a successful store works. I would have tried harder to hand in all my work on time. Even though I am not going to continue with this career field, I still enjoyed This semester. Everyone helped me to teach me stuff like how to tell the bettas a part and how to take better care of the basic house pets, For example guinea pigs only need half a cup of food each day along with hay, fruits, and vegetables. They taught me how to do a skid and input it into the computer, so we know how much stock we have. Kathy was nice enough to order my chicken feed in for my chickens and tell me about when they should be on different feed. For example going from starter feed to grower. It was a great learning experience to teach me how to deal with the customers from find the things they need like the right food or returning something that did not fit their animal. I am very thankful for this learning opportunity.

One thought on “Final Reflection

  1. You’ve highlighted some great specific skills that you have learned from your placement. What about some of the transferrable skills? What will you be able to take away from this placement and apply to other jobs?
    It sounds like you made some connections with your co-workers, which in itself is a great skill. In many jobs, you will find yourself working with others, and it is very important.

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