What Would you rather

Hey mr.dogsled  Driver what would you rather?  28 or 30. I  what 30.

Hey gray squirrel what would you rather?

80 or 75. I What 80.

Hey ms. Beekeeper what would you rather?

50 or 50 I What both.

Hey mr. brown beaver what would you rather?

80 or 85. I what 85.

Hey mr. mussel Farmer what would you rather.

45 or 40. I what 45.

hey mr.Garner what would you rather?

70 or 75. I what 75.

Hey, ms. Eologist what would you rather?

100 or 120. I what 120.

Hey kids what would you rather?

150 or 125. We what 150.

Hey steller jay what would you rather?

55 or 50. I what 55.

Hey mr.teacher what would you rather?

30 or 10 or 26. I what 30.

Hey auntie what would you rather?

70 or 56 or 76. I what 76.

Hey miss Versteeg what would you rather?

30 kids or 10 kids.

by: Madison Jurjens

For you to answer miss Versteeg.

Happy Father’s Day dad


Happy Father’s Day dad. I love you a lot.

all about Madison’s dad.

it is unlikely that my dad will go to the park with me. It is likely that mr. Madison will whach a lot of tv. It is unlikely that my dad won’t like me on Father’s Day. It is certain that my dad will love me!





I did  another blog post. I did a gram one.

but this one did not come in order. I had to put it in order. It is fun put the stuff in order.


We are  Learning millilitres today. I did a PicCollage. We had a  Choice  in between ml and g. I did g. I well  show you my PicCollage.

The funny thing is that it came in order so I did not have to put them in order. 

Addition table


We are  Learning about addition tables. I did a 100  perfect math facts. My hand  hurts a lot. Today is Addison birthday. She made  cupcakes      For the whole class. They  really good. Miss Versteeg was really nice she  let us have a morning cupcakes.

Mother’s Day

Today is Friday it is the end of the week.On the weekend it is mother’s day. I made a  special something for my mom on Thursday. The class made it for all the moms. They Wrote something nice on a  piece of paper. Miss Versteeg she put some ideas on the SmartBoard. so if we ran out of  ideas we.  Could copy one of the ideas we  could copy them. When I go to see it made me feel like a  million bucks. Because it was that good.it also made me feel nice to Avery Buddy to.  Miss Versteeg is funny to the class a lot. I like her as a  teacher a lot. The mother’s Day Surprise is this. It says On it

                                     Mother’s Day 2019

                                       Dear mom

we did something  wonderful  this year.   We made something for each other’s moms. we hope when you read it,  it will make you feel wonderful.  because it is for someone who is wonderful.And you are the real reason the wonderful. Happy Mother’s Day!

love miss Versteeg team 2 and especially Madison! P.s.: this is for you to: mom, you’re the best (clap) one two

Better than the rest (clap)

In my eyes,you’re number one. I’m  totally impressed.(clap)



Miss Versteeg give us  envelopes to  glue the words on so we will not forget


I made a  card for my mom to. I Like all the moms in the class

Tomorrow is my spelling test!











Do you thing I am going to  get perfect on my spelling test.I like miss Versteeg a IOT! But I do miss Atkinson! I like  both  of my teachers! I like you. Bye Bye for today.


My spelling words












My spelling word CH. I practice my spelling words  every night. I do it in my book I got for the.  Easter bunny. It looks like I don’t  put it in my  Reading log.

I like mermaids. Can you tell. It is  special to me.  I like the colour teal To. We are going to  paint my room teal.