On the weekend

On the weekend I saw my friends thay were at goodwil. And I Went to McDonald’s. And I saw a girl with no arm. But she had to go. We went home and I played Minecraft I had a lot of fun and From Marlee


Foxes foxes
you are soft
foxes foxes
you are cute
foxes foxes
you are asome
and you are cuddly
you have sparkly eyes

Birthday party

I went to add birthday party it was so awesome we got cake and chocolate it was so good I little girl came over she was cute she was dancing it was so cute I loved it and I played so fun

Charlotte’s Web

Shyla is a good friend to wilbrt she is really nice beautiful the what are rude to wilbrt

Things I Love

ilove my dogs so much better then enything I love my family and friends so much. I love my teacher and school and I love my world I love it so much better then enything and my name is Marlee I am 7 years old.

Things I Lost

I lost my sister dog. And I lost moms dog ? I love them so much ? ??????????

My Uncle

I went to my uncles house I had a lot of fun

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s web i?it so much my favorit port is wilbrt the pig he is so cuot? i love him so much?the book is so good you shod gett it it is. So good