Today  I found that are teacher from last year did not delete our

edublogs accounts…. Im so glad! 🙂 we still post and comment and read his new classes post’ its cool .

thanks teach! 🙂 🙂 🙂


this year i cant wait till camping in august plus I get to miss a week of school in  september I wold rather be camping and having fun mudding then in school!!! I also love the long roadtrip there


now that I have a good camera on my Ipad compared to my Nintendo DSI (my phone camera is junk, my Samsung tablet has no storage left) I decided I would start Photo graphing, our jeeps and stuff and editing them (soon but not yet) Here are my best Photos:

(I will edit them later these are all from my house but I will do some downtown ones later)

IMG_0279 IMG_0282 IMG_0257 IMG_0258 IMG_0283


today is we are silent day i am being silent for those who have no voice and are discriminated and treated cruely because I believe we should all have the same rights because there is no difference who cares if your different?




I cant wait till summer because it will get warmer and we get are nets out and play football in our backyard and go camping again for 3 and a half weeks (yay) and go mudding and offroading in our new jeep it will hopefully be better in the rocks and mud because our old one was automatic and our new jeep is manual. When camping we like to go kayaking at sunset and listen to the loons. It is fun but the best part is doing nothing.

New Jeep

yesterday, our family got a new used jeep a 1997. its more then ten years newer then our old one which was a 1986 jeep cherokee. that is now sitting in our driveway with no wheels on jacks we are going to part it out to get some money back from buying the newer one ($3700).

the new jeep is awesomer because its newer 4×4 manual transmission, and the engine sounds awesome. its color is jean blue and is got a 3 inch rough country lift ($700) and brand new mickey thompson rims that were about $280 each.


so now we have the 1972 jeep j2000 pickup (black), the 2003 gmc jimmy (dark blue) our 1999 jeep cherokee 4 door (black) and our 1997 jeep cherokee 2 door(blue). and our soon to be gone 1986 jeep .

our old jeep has alot of memories in it from getting stuck in mud and offroading to spending long days at the beach its been there with our family.


My favourite cars


My favourite cars are different then most others people because they are old and are not sports cars or pickup trucks or tractors like most people that live in a rural location like me.

My favourite cars are all hatchbacks because they are awesome.

#1 is a toyota ae86 circa 1980. Rhd japanese car.


#2 is a vw gti mk1 1980s.


#3 is a european rally style hatchback made unitil early two thousands called the lancia delta evo.