We Miss You Maryn!

Dear Maryn,

We miss you. We wish you were still here at our school because we like playing with you. We just finished the BFG and tomorrow we are going to watch the movie. Earth day is tomorrow too. We are going to paint rocks and we are going to plant our own trees. What are you doing for Earth Day?

We have some other questions for you too!

1. What is it like at Little Falls?

2. Are there real waterfalls at Little Falls?

3. How many new friends have you made at Little Falls?

We had so much fun when you were here. We miss you!

Your Friends,

Mrs. Cassell, Ms. King, and the Busy Bees

How full is your bucket?

When you bucket is full it means:
1. You helped someone else
2. Someone was being nice to you
When your bucket is Emty it means
1.someone is being mean to you
2.you got hert bad
3.some one in your family died

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Thank you

My 3d shapes

I mayd a:
Triangul prism
Squere based prism
The marshmallows were used as the vertices.
The tooth picks were used as the edges.
3d shapes are flat not fat.


Learning about mammals

On Friday we had a video conference with the north Carilin zoo ctv news came I learned:
– all mammls have hair
– peapol are mammals
– bats are the only flying mammals
We saw a opossum
I did not know that:
-Opossums are mammals
– mammals have hair
– peplol are mammals.



White Elafhant Toy sale

We donated toys to another class and today we got to buy another persons toy.we did it with the grade 2/3’s class.The teachers picked Popsicle sticks and then we went to the bake andMs.Rempel gave out townie and once they picked 5 people from each class.then we stareded to shop I got a,bunny toy,diary and a pencil.