”The Slime Dripped Through… ”( The 100 Word Challenge)

It was a dark night, the streetlights flickered, one little girl named Matilda was still awake, she was scared of slime monsters, she watched the wind, in her bed scared to fall asleep, there was a loud bang it came from under her bed, she was so scared to look, but she looked anyway, so she got out of her bed and looked under her bed, then all of a sudden something sucked her into a tunnel there was slime everywhere, the slime dripped through the walls,the floor, even the tunnel, had slime; then she came to a stop.

Child Labour And Coffee

A useful website that I got My Fact From!


On the Website above said that, a study showed that Brazil found child labour rates were approximately 37% higher  and school enrolment was 3% lower were most coffee was made in other regions.  The children are often working to 10 hours each day, and those children are Mosley exposed to many health and safty issues, from  harvesting and proccesing all the coffee. All of these dangerous levels are from the beating sun and the exposure injuries, to poisoning from contact with agrochemicals.

This Was One Of The Facts From The Website Linked Above! 



Snowy Night


this is the Art That I did for my print making! This art is called Snowy Night, this one is my 1 on out of 3. This one is also the best one that I did!

Something that I like about my art is, putting just the right enough of paint on it to get the right texture that I needed. I also think I did good on getting the white to show.

Something that I would do differently is, making the picture more wider then  smashing it together, because the paint makes it look really crowded, where if I gapped it out it would probably look way better.

Please feel free to watch my times laps to see me making this art!

P.S  thanks Mason for helping me name my art piece!


Child Labor





Did you know that children are working under 10 years of age to pay off there parents dept. 20 million child workers are employed in factories that make garments, carpets, toys, matches and hand-rolled cigarettes. More than 200 million children today are child labourers. An estimated 120 million are engaged in hazardous work. Did you know that The highest number of child laborers is in sub-Saharan Africa. Children work on farms that produce consumer products such as cocoa, coffee, cotton, rubber and other crops.


 Child Labour is awful, children should not be working to pay off there parents dept. All of thease pictures show the pain that these children have to do. 

Here is a link to a Useful Website! 


My Thoughts!

After learning about Child Labour, I think it is the worse thing someone could ever do to I child. There are still countries still doing Child Labour like Pakistan, and  Afghanistan there are still more countries. Thease children don’t know how to read or write because they are being forced to work in a factory. I also think that children from all around the world should get education instead of working. Child Labour is the worse thing ever please think about it and think what you do to stop child labour? I would look for foods that are not made out of child labour, I would also raise awareness for child labour and make posters and a video to show people how bad Child Labour is.

Please Try To Stop Child Labour! 




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