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This app is designed to help readers manage the text they are reading. It offers a number of powerful tools and a set of built-in videos that get students using the app proficiently in a few easy steps. This is one of those great “productivity” apps that can be used by any level of student, with any level of text, in any subject area.

They can download a piece of text from anywhere (internet, Google Drive, PDF). Then, using the app, you can support Active reading. Highlight and annotate excerpts. Take notes, gather excerpts, colour-code notes, compare pages and search the text for sources and information. You can highlight text, make a comment/ note, and then collect your comments.

This is a great app for developing active reading skills. The more time I work with it, the more I like it. Here are a link to app store and the company website.

Liquid Text

Liquid Text PDF

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  1. I am loving this app and can’t wait to try this out in my English class! Nice find Rick 🙂 I’ll post again after we try it out!!

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