Dec. 1st NGL Day

Here is a link to the Symbaloo webmix that was created for everyone who attended the NGL day on December 1st. Symbaloo is a fantastic way to curate apps and websites. When you create a Symbaloo webmix you are simply adding links to sites and the app store. Users of a webmix just app on the tabs an are taken directly to the desired site. It’s like keeping a page of bookmarks about one topic all in one place. If you want to search the website there are thousands of public webmixes for you to use.


One thought on “Symbaloo”

  1. I love using my symbaloo. Such a great tool to book mark and save sites, apps, books, etc…
    I introduced it in my course and other teachers found it very helpful!
    Thanks Joey for sharing it with us!

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