It’s not just about access to information – but the ability to learn from one another!

connected-learningI’ve long said that the best way to provide PD is to leverage the expertise within our ranks. And, last Friday in Mitchell, we did just that! I think it is fair to say that we witnessed, and were part of, something incredible.  A collection of dedicated professionals that represent all of the major partners in education – including ECE’s, EA’s, Teachers, Senior Staff, Principals, Vice-Principals and Program Staff – came together to learn from one another. It was an incredible day, and it is due to the vast array of interests, passions, talents, and skills that exist within our Board.

George Couros certainly set the tone for the day. Not only did he give us a lot to think about, but I think his message validated our purpose, and echoed the sentiments of many within our board.

One of the key pieces that I took away from that day, is that by connecting with one another, either F2F or via technology, we are stronger, more effective, and more efficient because of our ability to learn from on another.

As we move through the remaining months of this school year, it is my hope that you remained buoyed by the energy, knowledge and excitement that came for learning from our peers. I also hope that you manage to remain connected, and continue to make new connections with staff across the board so we can continue to move forward in our shared vision.

Thank you for being such an important part of a very successful and meaningful Professional Development day.



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