Sketchnotes Lesson 2 – Icons

Easy Faces

Now that you have established and played around with fonts the next element of Sketchnoting  to think about is icons. A good place to start is drawing stick people. Take some time and draw as many stick figures as you can. Think of all the ways to show different emotions, feelings and actions.

Now that you have experimented with your stick figures it’s time to tackle some other icons. Take a look at all the emojis that are out there if you are stuck for ideas. You will find that there will be a number if icons that are multi-purpose. The earth, for example, is an image that could be used to represent the world, nature, green thinking ideas global ideas.

You don’t need to worry about being a great artist, you just need to worry about your icons and images making sense to you.  It would be really helpful to keep a library of the stick figures and icons that you have developed – everyone needs a reminder every once in a while. The longer you sketch note the more icons you will develop.

Sample Icons
Sketchnote Tips

Happy Sketching!

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