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My name is Rick Saunders. For the past two years I have been a part of our Board’s technology initiative, now called NGL (Next Generation Learning). First as a coach, and now as the coordinator, I have been helping put iPads in the hands of students and teachers. We currently have over 4500 iPads under our NGL initiative, that are taken home by students every night. Our Board has 11 000 devices (and counting) in our schools. This initiative has been made possible by many dedicated professionals from our IT department, our Program department and Senior staff.

We have observed many positive changes in our classrooms. Technological tools have provided opportunities for sound teaching and engaged learning in many of our classrooms.

This blog has been offered to all stakeholders to build dialogue about how we can support learning in our schools by sharing ideas about strategies, resources and technological tools.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge some of our coaches who have provided many of the post entries already found on this site and who are working with teachers and students throughout our district. These include: Joanna Jackson, Lynne Godkin, Jennifer Ross-Holton, Kathleen Carr and Trevor Hammer.

And thanks to the teachers who share their insights, failures and successes on this blog.

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