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Sketchnotes 2.0

Sketchnote I made at EdTech Teacher iPad Summit

Here is a sketchnote that I made about the elements of Sketchnoting. I learned about this idea at the EdTech Teacher conference that I attended in November of 2015. I’ve been  working on sketchnoting 2.0 with my class and it has been met with great success! Sketchnotes 2.0  requires students to import heir

Sketchnotes 2.0  requires students to import their sketchnotes into the app Explain Everything and verbalizing the meaning behind what they created. So far this has been a concept that most of my class has really enjoyed. I think that it’s important to note that not all kids are going to love this concept on an iPad and that’s ok. It’s so important to  be flexible about the apps the kids choose to use. There are some who really prefer to do this work on paper. Respect for the learner is key. Kids can very easily snap a picture of their paper sketchnotes and upload that into Explain Everything too.

Below is an example of sketchnoting 2.0. This was done for a reading response to an article that was picked from the website  wonderopolis.org .