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Sketchnotes 2.0

Sketchnote I made at EdTech Teacher iPad Summit

Here is a sketchnote that I made about the elements of Sketchnoting. I learned about this idea at the EdTech Teacher conference that I attended in November of 2015. I’ve been  working on sketchnoting 2.0 with my class and it has been met with great success! Sketchnotes 2.0  requires students to import heir

Sketchnotes 2.0  requires students to import their sketchnotes into the app Explain Everything and verbalizing the meaning behind what they created. So far this has been a concept that most of my class has really enjoyed. I think that it’s important to note that not all kids are going to love this concept on an iPad and that’s ok. It’s so important to  be flexible about the apps the kids choose to use. There are some who really prefer to do this work on paper. Respect for the learner is key. Kids can very easily snap a picture of their paper sketchnotes and upload that into Explain Everything too.

Below is an example of sketchnoting 2.0. This was done for a reading response to an article that was picked from the website  wonderopolis.org .



Sketchnotes Lesson 3 Flow & Connectors

We have looked at fonts and icons so now let’s talk about the last few things that you need to think about when you sketchnote. The first idea that I want you to think about is the flow of your note. The flow is how your information is organized? Your note may be linear, it may follow a clockwise direction or it might spoke out from a main idea in the middle. The flow of you note is up to you.

Another element that you will want to think  about is connectors. These allow others to get an idea of how your thinking is linked. Like the flow, this concept is completely up to you.

Sketchnotes Lesson 2 – Icons

Easy Faces

Now that you have established and played around with fonts the next element of Sketchnoting  to think about is icons. A good place to start is drawing stick people. Take some time and draw as many stick figures as you can. Think of all the ways to show different emotions, feelings and actions.

Now that you have experimented with your stick figures it’s time to tackle some other icons. Take a look at all the emojis that are out there if you are stuck for ideas. You will find that there will be a number if icons that are multi-purpose. The earth, for example, is an image that could be used to represent the world, nature, green thinking ideas global ideas.

You don’t need to worry about being a great artist, you just need to worry about your icons and images making sense to you.  It would be really helpful to keep a library of the stick figures and icons that you have developed – everyone needs a reminder every once in a while. The longer you sketch note the more icons you will develop.

Sample Icons
Sketchnote Tips

Happy Sketching!

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Sketchnotes Lesson 1 – The Art of Visual Note Taking

We are going to dive into the world of sketchnoting. What is sketchnoting? It is a concept that will help you to make your learning more visual. The idea behind this concept is to help you get a deeper understanding of what you are learning in a personal way. You don’t need to be a great artist you just need to have confidence in your ability to learn. We will experiment with using our iPads and going old school with paper. Remember to bring your stylus to class to make this an easier process.This is going to be a learning process for all of us so hold on tight and get ready to start on this new exciting journey.

Suggested iPad apps – Paper 53 (this one is my personal fav.) , Sketch Express, Notability 7 Explain Everything

Lesson 1 – Fonts

This first this that we are going to think about is the text or fonts we choose. We will take time to explore the fonts that work best for us. If you can master three different kinds of fonts then you are well on your way! Here is your mission:

1. Pick a font that will be your go to – this is the one that that you will use most of the time.

2. Pick a font that you will use when you want to emphasis a point.

3. Pick a font that you will use for titles

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