Our NGL coaches are available to come to your AMDSB classroom (Kindergarten to Grade 12) to help amplify your good practices by integrating technology tools.  If you have 1 teacher iPad or a whole class, one to one, we can provide the right resources, time and coaching to help meet your goals.  Please contact the NGL coach attached to your school by using the email link below.

Kathleen Carr: kathleen.carr@ed.amdsb.ca

Central Perth, North Easthope, St. Marys DCVI, South Huron, South Perth, Sprucedale, Bluewater Coast, Exeter PS, Stephen Central PS, Little Falls PS

Trevor Hammer: trevor.hammer@ed.amdsb.ca

Howick PS, Wallace PS,  Brookside PS,  GDCI, FEMSS,  Listowel Central, Goderich PS,  Listowel Eastdale, Maitland River, Northwoods

Joey Jackson: joanna.jackson@ed.amdsb.ca

Clinton  Central, Downie Central , Elma, Hullett,  Huron Centennial , MDHS, Seaforth PS,  Milverton ,  Mornington PS,  UTES

 Rick Saunders: richard.saunders@ed.amdsb.ca

Northwestern, Stratford Central, Anne Hathaway,  Avon, Bedford, Hamlet, Romeo, Shakespeare

Leigh Cassell: leigh.cassell@ed.amdsb.ca

All Schools in AMDSB

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