Welcome to AMDSB Next Generation Learning: School 3.0


Welcome to the information blog for Next Generation Learning: School 3.0. This blog has been designed as a resource for those interested in finding out more about this new program in the Avon-Maitland District School Board.

It is also place to find up-to-date administrative resources and forms for our program.

Since January 2014, we have embarked on what has become a very exciting and enriching learning experience for our students. Having a device in hand for finding information, for collaboration, and for creativity has dramatically changed the learning experience in our classrooms. We hope that you will share in this excitement, but we also understand that for many parents there will be some questions about this project and about students learning in an online and mobile environment.

Along with providing paper copies, we have chosen to provide an online space where we can post documents that will be of interest to you. There are some documents that are required reading, such as the Program Guideline, which we want all students and parents to read before students are permitted to bring the iPads home from school.

Along the top of this page are a number of links. “Program Guidelines” outlines the expectations for how the iPads will be used at school, at home, and how they should be looked after. There is also a link on this page to the form “Acknowledement of Receipt” that parents are asked to sign; indicating that both parent/guardian and child have read and understood the expectations. There is also a general “Newsletter” for your information and a copy of the Acceptable Use Agreement for computer use by students within the Board.


Thank you for your interest.

Yours truly,

R. Saunders
Technology Coordinator

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